How to Preserve Your Flag

It’s often human nature to seek community, once a community is found, many people enjoying displaying their unity through the use of flags. No matter the reason for owning flags, or what they contain, preserving your flags is important. But how can you keep your flag preserved? Whether your flag is old or new, there’s plenty of ways to ensure that your flag stays crisp, such as:

Keep It Out Of Light

This is mostly true for historical flags that are no longer being used. These flags still need to be preserved to remain. Light often degrades fabrics and colors, which is why it’s important to keep your flag out of direct light. Sunlight may bleach the fabric, an occurrence known as sun bleaching, and artificial lighting can also damage a flag. Display your flag by putting it behind UV limiting glass, and reducing the amount of time per day it’s under the light. Never expose an older flag to direct sunlight if possible.

Keep It Clean

Always try to keep dust particles off the flag. If the flag needs a heavier cleaning don’t attempt it yourself. Contact your local museum or use a professional textile cleaning service for cleaning. Never dry clean your flag. If you must clean your flag yourself, do so with a low suction vacuum. Keeping your flag clean will ensure its longevity.

Store It Properly

If you’re looking to display a flag, use a flag case with UV limiting glass and acid-free backing. You may also roll the flag in acid-free paper and store it in a thick mailing tube. Always limit how much the flag is touched. For flags still in use, be sure to take your flag down during harsh weather and retire the flag once it shows signs of wear.

Properly caring for a flag takes some practice. Many flags are made of materials that are susceptible to light and particle damage. For the flag to last, you’ll want to take good care of it. Retire new flags after they’ve been in use for a while and be sure to properly store any older flags you may own. Most importantly, enjoy your flags and let your passion fly.